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Big fish going after Oozie Jig
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The first
chum as you jig, Jig!

The Amazing New Oozzie Jig

Welcome to the new age of fishing. Never before has a fishing jig allowed the fishermen to inject chum or oil directly into the lure. And this jig does just that. The irresistible and alluring combination of sight and scent oozing from the jig, will attract fish to your jig and keep them at your strike zone.

The versatile OOZZIE JIG allows you to either load scented oil or chum into the jig, and is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Countless chum recipes can be created, that can be used fresh,
or frozen and thawed for your the next fishing trip.

Whether you are fishing on the ocean, a lake, pond or river the OOZZIE JIG could help you land the BIG ONE and make your
next fishing trip very rewarding…

Jig It, Cast It, Troll and Drift It!

The amazing new
OOZZIE JIG attracts
all types of fish, and here
is a list of just a few; cod, haddock, halibut, pollock, hake, striped bass, blue fish, fluke, flounder, sharks,
tuna, salmon, walleye
and lake trout.